teetering, dropping, rioting

Trying to capture the daylight by early morning walks seems to directly interfere with the inner voice constantly telling me to sleep through all alarms. Mid afternoon walk breaks from the desk aren’t enough, and morphed into the time I catch up on phone calls. Teetering on  screaming, or whining, or curling up for a nap. Restless to move to the next stage. of running, of career, of life. For the people to move into remission, for their chemo to end, their radiation to be over, their sickness to be done. 

I registered for the turkey trot and the thanksgiving 4 miler.

then I dropped a really heavy stainless steel garlic press on my foot. the center of my foot, where a bone protrudes. the bad foot, with the arch problems that I finally had a handle on.

so three weeks of walking with pain, a testing 15 minute run to confirm still pain, and a week of not running. With all of this time not running, combined with stress/frustration, I feel bad for the people I’m going to blow up at. I might just start rioting.