Restarting, reexamining, retraining

I miss writing here. I miss letting my mind wander while I run to come up with possible blog posts. I miss the fellowship of running blogs, and race directing reports, and volunteer stories.

SO, I’m adding a re-boot to the verb list this week.

Catching up from last time – here’s how it went:

Black Fly in my Eye Relay  – my leg: 3.4 miles- trail – done – PODIUM 3rd place for the team category!
Weekly Back Cove Series – 13 races – all 5Ks – – I ran 5 of them. Posted my new 5K PR early.
Falmouth Five and Dime – 5 miles – volunteered instead.
Bradbury Mountain Trail Series – 3 races – trail – ran all!
Peaks Island 5 Miler – road – skipped it – went canoeing on a lake instead on a last minute vacation!
Great Pumpkin 10K – only goal was SUB 60 – NAILED IT.
Thanksgiving 4 Miler – road – skipped it – ran the SOME 5K in DC instead. 5 seconds from breaking 29:00 – coninciding with decision to stop and take selfie with Washington Monument.

2015 Race Plans:

Bradbury Squall Snowshoe race
Bradbury White Out Snowshoe race
Bradbury ___ 3rd Snowshoe race

Bradbury Scuffle
Bradbury Breaker
Bradbury Bruiser
Falmouth Five and Dime – if it happens
Black Fly in my Eye

Half Marathons:
Hyvee Half Marathon – road – Iowa

5Ks –
Back Cove Series – I’d like to make it to 10 this year. I think my new job will make this easier to accomplish.
Running Hall of Fame
Something not on the back cove, X 3

Great Pumpkin
Something near my parents?

Sugarloaf 15 K????

This is the big question of 2015. We’ll see.

Mid Winter Classic – Co directing
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Sea Dog Races
Marathon – Volunteer coordinator
Peaks Island – Whatever John says
Farm to Farm – helper monkey
Craig Cup – Directing
Turkey Trot – Whatever Bob says
St. Peter’s – set up/clean up. May run.
Boston Marathon – hopefully!

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