mumbling, mapping, jumping

I feel like I should go to a meeting. A Runners Anonymous meeting. Hi My name is __ and I haven’t run in X days. And the runners would crowd around, and they would know. They would know the feeling of pent up energy, of feeling full, and icky, and leashed, and maybe, they would understand the internal brain thing, and maybe, they would uncross their old runner sneakered legs, shift in their chairs, and say something other than “well then, just go run”.

but they wouldn’t. they would say “cut the crap, lace em up, and go. You’ll feel better, immediately”. 

Since I know they’d be right, and since I’m having this conversation with myself, on a blog, there is clearly no hidden message. Blerch.

Crap excuses, all of them. It’s amazing outside. The fall air beckons each day for mileage, long sleeves and shorts, crisp air, goose bumps, post running sweatshirts,  grilled cheese sandwiches and cider. 


swimming, vacationing, parlay-ing

I love that I live in “Vacationland” and drive west to vacation and swim. 

Brought my running stuff, left it in the bag. Guilt level: moderate, due to awesome times spent doing other things. 

Reality check: It’s September, I’m not going back to school, but I am filled with the sense that I need to start something new. Maybe it’s a new running schedule, or swimming, or yoga, or French.