Preparing, following, sneaking

The half marathon is 16 days away.  That isn’t the three weeks i’ve told myself. It’s really closer to 2 weeks. 2 weeks isn’t a lot of time. 

I’ve been running 2-3 times a week – not 5 times a week like my training calendar says, but not 0, and any non zero number is wonderful. (I like non zero pieces of pie)

Tuesday, Thursday, and then a weekend day. It’s been working well. The supportiveness of the runclub at MRC (FF MR) has been delightful, and I’ve opened up the “people I run with” list to include new “pace crushes” (love that phrase Heather Anne). I ran with Carol, with Tami, with Carmie, with Jen, with other people.

I was in a mood that matched with my running plan on Tuesday, to include 6+ miles. The weather was perfect, and I decided I would run a few before meeting up with the group (sneaking in miles, cause that’s how I roll). Tami decided to join me, and we ran about 1.4 before meeting back at the store, and up with the rest of the group.

It quickly became clear that my sense of direction has not improved, and I am continually  thankful that runners wear bright clothes, so I can see them up ahead, and for Tami, who tells me when to turn. I couldn’t figure out how we could make a loop – running from FF MRC on Marginal to Mackworth (well, almost to mackworth) – oh. it’s an out an back. right. I’ll just go with the running and leave the thinking to others. So basically, I ran part of the marathon course (new to me).

Felt great, won a pair of socks, avoided the rain (until the skies opened up while i was walking to the car). Not bad for a Tuesday.

Would like to get 10 on trails this weekend, so I can feel more prepared for the race. Will make it happen!