pacing, pushing, supporting

race report, back cove week 14 (of the series) -# 6 for me.

I missed last week, so had to do this one to show up in the series standing. Not a big deal, but a goal of mine, so I made the effort to get there, and race this one. I think I made some smarter decisions for this race. I had breakfast, and a mix of lunch foods. I made sure to drink a few pints of water throughout the day, and snacked, when I realized I was a bit hungry at 4:30.  I went back upstairs to retrieve my shoes and watch(dedicated (non barefoot) runners bring their shoes to races!). I got there with 35 minutes to spare, used the bathroom, and ran lightly for about 10-15 minutes, broken up, while I messed with stuff, retied my shoes, etc. I could have done fine without any of the prep, and none of it put me out, or required any extra planning or time.

I found Tami before the race, confirmed that we were crazy for paying for this stuff, and expressed some excitement. I asked her where the mile markers were for the 5K. This, along with remembering my shoes and watch, made the biggest differences I think. Also, the mile repeats Coach Reilly has me doing. 

Race started, watch started, off we went. Passed mile 1 at 9:28 – wow. Mile 2 at 18:58. Look at me, running even splits. It’s all Tami. She’s right ahead of me, or 2 feet in front. I’m that annoying person, just off her left side.  She seemed ok with it. She shouted off the miles when her watch told her. She told me when we reached 1/2 mile left. I told her to turn up her gear, and blast away from me (her average is about 30 seconds faster than my best). I’m  not sure if she turned up the gear, or let me stay with her, but I did. 1/2 mile. that’s 800 meters, 2 laps, I know how much that is now, thanks to track workouts. I know where the finish line is for the series. The watch said 27 or 28. I turned it up. We turned that last corner, I initiated a sprint to the finish (prematurely *GASP*) The clock said 29:0x when I could see it. I really wanted to finish with a 29:2x. the last sprint was longer than i thought. She finished 1 second faster (in the low key timing). 29:31 for me.

So pleased with the consistent effort, and 2nd best time of the series, and 2nd best time in my 5k history. 

Take Aways from 6 races in 14 weeks:

  • running the summer is hot, I do better when it’s less than 70
  • I do better when i have water. i stopped at 1 water fountain for a sip, and wish they would put another one in right before the bridge.
  • it’s been helping my distance understanding
  • it messed up my TMR Tuesday night runs (major CON)
  • it was great to see more runners in portland. every week I met a few new people.

falling, skipping, rewarding

My first back to Bradbury run since WAY TOO LONG. why was it so long? why don’t I remember how much i like it? why do i talk myself out if it? so many questions

I decided it needed to be a solo journey. I needed to be in my head, and on the trail, and while I love running with the ladies, today was between me and the trails. 

I fell 50 feet in. Scrapped, bleeding, my confidence took a hit. I shook it out, and kept going. I decided to run a half bruiser, and see how it went. I turned onto Island. It was more than I was ready for. I gave myself permission to skip it, in favor of more miles. It made sense at the time, I skipped Island. I got into a groove after 3 miles. It was great. 

Made a few decisions based on the water I brought with me, ended up doing an extra mile or so based on my awesome sense of direction, and all the unmarked trails off of knights woods. 

going for 8-10 next weekend on the trails of another state, and then the Bruiser!

Glad I skipped the island, Bradbury delivered what I was looking for, and E+L delivered my reward, a ginger molasses cookie with Erin! 

building, enjoying, wincing

been building back up the speed, endurance, distance. It’s been hard, and pretty funny.

Race report: Back Cove 5K, August 14 – 

Got there with 15 to spare, ipod working, in the pocket, remembered the good headphones (that can control the volume without awkwardly reaching into my “stash pocket”). I warmed up, had some water, and lined up near the front of the middle.

still no watch during runs, so went by effort. 

Man, the effort was ON. I ran like my little legs had wings. It felt like it at least. I pushed. I maintained a pace. I felt like I was going to break 29:00. I felt like since I had gone “so fast” during the first bit, if I could maintain, it would be unbeatable.

Had almost convinced myself to try out for the olympics by the time I passed the guy in the yellow shirt, so close to the finish line. The clock came into view, my eyes focused on what was going to be MY NEW PR.

it was the slowest I’ve run a 5K in almost a year.  No idea how it happened. Glad I got out there, glad I pushed myself. Glad I laughed at it, instead of felt deflated.

Got in a great run around scenic coastal MA this past weekend, and last night impressed myself with some mile repeats.

lessons learned: when getting back to pushing hard during running, it’s best to be prepared for some soreness. 

ruminating, repeating, humbling

I listened to Ian’s interview on the podcast. He said he wanted to run a 50 miler, so he started running 1 mile. So simple, yet such a great reminder. 

I hang with runners. It’s how I roll. They run 50 mile weeks, 100 mile races, and a quick 15 miles before breakfast (looking at you Danielle and Jamie).  They win their races, their age groups, trophies, pies, medals, massages. I win spirit awards, and volunteer awards. I’m good with that. I like to run. i like runners. 

Sometimes in my role (see what I did there) I have to choose meetings about running over actually running. [I realize this isn’t true, I could get up earlier, and fit it in, but that’s not really the point here.]  In the past few weeks, meetings about running, and work needed to take priority. 

Last night, I made running the priority. Ready to sweat it out, push it hard, dig deep, and a host of other metaphors. i forgot that most of the running people at monday night track work outs ran that famous 10k on Saturday, towards a beacon, so it was a  recovery day for them.

We did 2 x 800 meter repeats. It doesn’t sound like much. 

But it was the first mile.


sunning, smiling, lounging

After the 4th of july hot fest that resulted in my slowest 10 k (of the 3 that i’ve done), i needed a break. overdone? a bit boiled with heat? who knows. 

I cut back on the race work this year, to get better at racing, to focus on my own running, and to delve into weekends. April-June I had a good run of running, many races, much miles.  I thought that would mean increased speed, but instead, i DNF’d and then had a crap 10k.  Maybe it was too much? maybe my brain was elsewhere? Like Jamie said, I needed to love it again.

I’ve love putting on the MTC singlet, and going to the club races. I’ve missed my TMR singlet. There is comfort in knowing i can go back, and be welcomed.

I missed the scuffle, after much internal debate (the scuffle will win next year), and regret it even today.

I need to get back to bradbury, to run on my own, and with friends, through the woods, meandering, not racing, breathing the trees in. 

I made a return to running for a back cove event. My first run in 3 weeks, I didn’t expect much, so was glad to run the whole thing. The competitiveness was missing, as it normally is, until after the bridge. When there is a mile left, I crave for the exertion. I wish I could crave it earlier in races. Maybe i can learn that. Maybe I need to feel the edges of my limits more often.

Ran yesterday morning, though really, it was the warm up before a run. Sunflowers and sungolds beckoned, and the farmers market squished its way to the top of the list.  

So I guess I took July off from running as I explored . Quality sail boat time, lots of neighborhood walking, dancing, swimming, being under the stars, borrowing my toes in sand, and spinning in sun dresses. Mr. Denver was right. Sunshine on my shoulders does make me happy.

July is over, and I think my running drought is too. 

I’ll be out of town for the Breaker. I love the breaker. I love the cresting, struggle, and glorious rush of the downhill. I’ll send some thoughts to those running it, but won’t regret the decision to miss it. 

I’m registered for the Bruiser. Motivation grows, time to put the miles in.