Logging, laughing, laundering

In the final string of catch up blog posts, we come to: May 2014

The winter warrior program was great for a number of reasons – most of which involved consistency in my mileage, and some excellent running buddies. It morphed into running more times a week. My secret goal of being able to just go out any time and run 5 miles like it’s no big thing (seriously, that’s the level I’m at) was reached.  It continued.

The garmin 10 I received for Christmas, combined with a repurposed moleskin calendar to serve as my running log, and garmin connect, have all conspired for a higher weekly mileage than ever before. Coaching classes led to some actual training plans. Basically, it’s all coming together. I’m running more quality workouts, more mileage, and with some great friends (this is where the laughing verb is referenced).

Of course, all of this means more dirty running clothes, more running sneakers in my car than I care to admit, and a pretty comical “i can’t run today because i have no shorts” moment that was quickly undone when i discovered 2 pairs in my trunk.

Race report: Maine Running Hall of Fame 5K  – May 15

This was the first time when I realized why everyone hates 5Ks. I went out faster than I normally go, held on for mile 2, and pushed for mile 3. At least, that’s what it felt like. And lo and behold, a top 3 5K time for me. which is amazing, as it’s the beginning of the season, and there were some strange food decisions that week that could have backfired. It HURT. It was supposed to hurt. I felt like I was actually racing, and just… wow. 

Race plans:

Black Fly in my Eye Relay  – my leg: 3.4 miles- trail
Weekly Back Cove Series – 13 races – all 5Ks -road
Falmouth Five and Dime – 5 miles – Road
Bradbury Mountain Trail Series – 3 races – trail
Peaks Island 5 Miler – road
More things I’ve yet to discover – TRAIL!
Thanksgiving 4 Miler – road


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