deciding, building, racing

I work on a lot of races. Between running, volunteering and working, there were more than 35 in 2012. I like it, but like Mr. King pointed out, everything is eventual. I am picking racing more and more over working at races. Partly because running is actually much less tiring, and partly because I want to go into a few races feeling “trained”. So with all of that in mind, I had a pretty busy April in running and racing.

in April 2012, I had won an entry into the Presidio 10 in San Francisco. It was far far away from that April day.

Mid November, I figured out I was going to the RRCA conference in New Mexico – they have a race with the conference. It was far far away from that November day.

December 31, I decided I would register for my first half marathon, it would be on Trails, far far away from that december day.

Fast forward to the beginning of April, when it appeared that all these running events were actually within a 3 week period. Oops.

A plan was hatched. Volunteer at the Boston Marathon, fly to SF, explore california, run the presidio (do the 10K, not the 10 miler), fly home, work for a few days, run my first half marathon (my longest run ever), work for a few days, fly to new mexico, go to a running conference, run a 5K, hike around Santa Fe, fly home, work a few days, run the mother’s day 5K.

4 races, 4 states, 4 weeks. NUTS, but doable.

Spoiler: ended up with 3 races, 1 untimed 5k, 4 states, 3 weeks. Race reports to follow (seriously, each race gets its own. I roll like that).