Running, laughing, coaching

Following chronologically in the land of run blog catching up:

I went to the national RRCA conference (Road Runners Club of America) in Spokane. While there, I heard Don Kardong and Bernard Legat, and Deena Kastor speak. I also ran the “Lilac City Bloomsday 12K”. with 45,000 people. (Race director is Don Kardong, former olympian, past RRCA president, and very tall man).

Race report: Turns out I’m allergic to all the blooms in bloomsday, so ended up shuffling through, blowing my nose a lot. I finished. Not my best race, but I had a nice time running with SO MANY PEOPLE. Very well organized, a great way to see Spokane, and fun to hang out with the crew from California!

I also took the RRCA coaching certification course in Spokane! I’m just one bit of paperwork away from being an actual certified running coach!

Blaine ( wrote a great entry about the conference – I enjoyed it a lot, and travelling with Portland Runner Girl.