Sniffing, admitting, training

The past 28 days since my last post feel like a whirlwind when I think about it. While I was living through it – not so much. First there was lots of celebrations for a friend’s birthday, live music, work, and then there was THE COLD.

Before the cold, on a nice not super cold Sunday, I ran 7 miles through the old port, over the bridge, and around town. It was great, and my longest run solo for a while. I was pretty happy with it, and even ran into a wandering Monster, who I promptly invited over, and gave him a “barley soda”.

The run felt great, aside from the IT band. Rolling, stretching – I was feeling ok. Then THE COLD.

Spent the next 4 days out of it. Woke up Saturday morning unsure if I could do the last snow shoe race. Me and the sir went for a walk around the block, thanks to some very nice springy weather. I had to stop many times, and upon making it home, I took a nap. I was not up for 5 miles of snowshoe “breaker”. My hopes were dashed, but i still brought all the stuff to the race. I volunteered for registration and finish line stuff, and until about 5 minutes before the start, harbored hopes of saying “F it, I’m racing”. Mostly glad I didn’t – I really needed to kick the cold’s booty, and so that’s what I focused on.

All was put through the test yesterday, when I attended a spin class (for charity) that I had signed up for many weeks ago, pre illness. I turned out to be fine, and then turned out to be better than that, as I ended up joining the winter warriors for a 5 mile run.

So – feeling healthy again, and learned I could do a 5 mile run after a 50 minute spin class = pretty pleased with my legs and lungs.

6 weeks to the half marathon, feeling good!


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