picking, running, pushing up

The ladies have chosen a 50-push up a day challenge, and I’m in.  Doing 50 push ups a day requires some planning, because I can’t do them all at the same time (yet), and when I get that close to the floor, I think about napping.  It’s interesting. It’s satisfying to complete each day, a check mark, a crossed out line of success. And 6 days in, my arms are tired, but I feel it other places too. 

After a wonderful snowshoe walk (with some sprints away and back to the group), I found myself standing by the side of the road, on a sunny day with my snow shoes on. I wanted to jump, so I did. Such fun, to just jump really high in snow shoes. E(l)liot laughed a bunch, and it lifted my spirits even more than where they were.

Life is a verb was my 2013 (and maybe 2012) theme. It will continue in 2014, and I’m thinking to sign up for the TARC half at the end of April. 

More speed, more strength, more distance – that’s what I’m after this year.

Banjo lessons started this weekend. Practicing is like running, but with your fingers. focus on the goal, go as fast as you can, with the fewest mistakes/ fumbles/ trips.


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