Reflecting, training, tracking

Obligatory reflection sentence: It’s been about a year since I started this blog. Is it what I wanted, how I planned it? It could be more, it could be better. Can’t most things?

Christmas morning, in the city I grew up in, I left the house, thinking it was going to be warmer than home. It wasn’t. I picked a simple loop. Past a house that my 10th grade boyfriend lived in. Past the tree that I hit when I flipped over my bike handles. Past the fire hydrant I backed into, past where my first kiss was. It was cold, and Christmas. A city, normally filled with people, was empty. It was cold, and early. I saw no other runners, no people rushing to the train for work, no cars at the convenance store. I’m running more in the cold, and without headphones. I listen to my breath. I listen to my feet, I listen to the gasping, and the squeaking, and, on this particular day, the stream of memories. The ox and lamb kept time.

21 days until the first snow shoe race, I’m signed up for all three.

15 races completed in 2013.

Bring on 2014!


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