volunteering, dropping, seeing

I’ve spent the past month and a half focused on races and running for other people. I didn’t make it a priority for me. This year has been strange. I was gung ho, I was rocking, then I DNF’d, missed the bradbury trail series, DNS’d the Bruiser. 

I had a great (tiring) time volunteering for the marathon. I’d say it was about 15 hours of volunteering over the last 2 weeks before the race, and 25 on race weekend. 

And then we ramped up for the Farm to Farm. I’d say about 6 hours the week before, and 25 hours on race weekend

It’s always amazing to watch people conquer long distances, reach PRs, get it done, try something new. I love being at the finish line to cheer them on. I love being at registration and hearing their stories. I love cheering them on, and being part of a team to help. I love meeting people that love the same things I do. 

I need to run a few races now. I need to be on the running side. 

2 things that are conflicting on this right now – 

1. I dropped a very heavy thing on my foot this weekend.

2. I saw a very unflattering photo of myself this weekend.

registered for the thanksgiving 4 miler, and want to run the turkey trot.


Get back in running shape,

Keep it over the winter,

not lose myself in volunteering. 

(not quit blogging because wordpress is sooo slow – please forgive the formatting issues, I can’t deal with the delays to fix them.)


2 thoughts on “volunteering, dropping, seeing

  1. AnnAlexion says:

    I saw you this weekend and thought you looked GREAT!!!! Did the picture show how incredibly happy you seem? I heard great reports of the Farm to Farm.

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