falling, skipping, rewarding

My first back to Bradbury run since WAY TOO LONG. why was it so long? why don’t I remember how much i like it? why do i talk myself out if it? so many questions

I decided it needed to be a solo journey. I needed to be in my head, and on the trail, and while I love running with the ladies, today was between me and the trails. 

I fell 50 feet in. Scrapped, bleeding, my confidence took a hit. I shook it out, and kept going. I decided to run a half bruiser, and see how it went. I turned onto Island. It was more than I was ready for. I gave myself permission to skip it, in favor of more miles. It made sense at the time, I skipped Island. I got into a groove after 3 miles. It was great. 

Made a few decisions based on the water I brought with me, ended up doing an extra mile or so based on my awesome sense of direction, and all the unmarked trails off of knights woods. 

going for 8-10 next weekend on the trails of another state, and then the Bruiser!

Glad I skipped the island, Bradbury delivered what I was looking for, and E+L delivered my reward, a ginger molasses cookie with Erin! 


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