building, enjoying, wincing

been building back up the speed, endurance, distance. It’s been hard, and pretty funny.

Race report: Back Cove 5K, August 14 – 

Got there with 15 to spare, ipod working, in the pocket, remembered the good headphones (that can control the volume without awkwardly reaching into my “stash pocket”). I warmed up, had some water, and lined up near the front of the middle.

still no watch during runs, so went by effort. 

Man, the effort was ON. I ran like my little legs had wings. It felt like it at least. I pushed. I maintained a pace. I felt like I was going to break 29:00. I felt like since I had gone “so fast” during the first bit, if I could maintain, it would be unbeatable.

Had almost convinced myself to try out for the olympics by the time I passed the guy in the yellow shirt, so close to the finish line. The clock came into view, my eyes focused on what was going to be MY NEW PR.

it was the slowest I’ve run a 5K in almost a year.  No idea how it happened. Glad I got out there, glad I pushed myself. Glad I laughed at it, instead of felt deflated.

Got in a great run around scenic coastal MA this past weekend, and last night impressed myself with some mile repeats.

lessons learned: when getting back to pushing hard during running, it’s best to be prepared for some soreness. 


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