ruminating, repeating, humbling

I listened to Ian’s interview on the podcast. He said he wanted to run a 50 miler, so he started running 1 mile. So simple, yet such a great reminder. 

I hang with runners. It’s how I roll. They run 50 mile weeks, 100 mile races, and a quick 15 miles before breakfast (looking at you Danielle and Jamie).  They win their races, their age groups, trophies, pies, medals, massages. I win spirit awards, and volunteer awards. I’m good with that. I like to run. i like runners. 

Sometimes in my role (see what I did there) I have to choose meetings about running over actually running. [I realize this isn’t true, I could get up earlier, and fit it in, but that’s not really the point here.]  In the past few weeks, meetings about running, and work needed to take priority. 

Last night, I made running the priority. Ready to sweat it out, push it hard, dig deep, and a host of other metaphors. i forgot that most of the running people at monday night track work outs ran that famous 10k on Saturday, towards a beacon, so it was a  recovery day for them.

We did 2 x 800 meter repeats. It doesn’t sound like much. 

But it was the first mile.



3 thoughts on “ruminating, repeating, humbling

  1. Danielle says:

    Always good to get out, no matter for how long or how many miles. Glad you’re feeling better and are out running again!

  2. unstrung says:

    Like! I blogged about your blog in my blog. :>

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