sunning, smiling, lounging

After the 4th of july hot fest that resulted in my slowest 10 k (of the 3 that i’ve done), i needed a break. overdone? a bit boiled with heat? who knows. 

I cut back on the race work this year, to get better at racing, to focus on my own running, and to delve into weekends. April-June I had a good run of running, many races, much miles.  I thought that would mean increased speed, but instead, i DNF’d and then had a crap 10k.  Maybe it was too much? maybe my brain was elsewhere? Like Jamie said, I needed to love it again.

I’ve love putting on the MTC singlet, and going to the club races. I’ve missed my TMR singlet. There is comfort in knowing i can go back, and be welcomed.

I missed the scuffle, after much internal debate (the scuffle will win next year), and regret it even today.

I need to get back to bradbury, to run on my own, and with friends, through the woods, meandering, not racing, breathing the trees in. 

I made a return to running for a back cove event. My first run in 3 weeks, I didn’t expect much, so was glad to run the whole thing. The competitiveness was missing, as it normally is, until after the bridge. When there is a mile left, I crave for the exertion. I wish I could crave it earlier in races. Maybe i can learn that. Maybe I need to feel the edges of my limits more often.

Ran yesterday morning, though really, it was the warm up before a run. Sunflowers and sungolds beckoned, and the farmers market squished its way to the top of the list.  

So I guess I took July off from running as I explored . Quality sail boat time, lots of neighborhood walking, dancing, swimming, being under the stars, borrowing my toes in sand, and spinning in sun dresses. Mr. Denver was right. Sunshine on my shoulders does make me happy.

July is over, and I think my running drought is too. 

I’ll be out of town for the Breaker. I love the breaker. I love the cresting, struggle, and glorious rush of the downhill. I’ll send some thoughts to those running it, but won’t regret the decision to miss it. 

I’m registered for the Bruiser. Motivation grows, time to put the miles in.


3 thoughts on “sunning, smiling, lounging

  1. AnnAlexion says:

    Out of town for the Breaker..very disappointing not to see you again at Bradbury.

  2. Kate says:

    So glad you’ll be there for the Bruiser. Got excited reading the beginning of your post thinking I could convince you to run/walk the Breaker with me. Sad you’ll be out of town. While I still have time, let’s run together!

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