tripping, x-raying, cutting

In what I can only explain to be “my klutzing awesomeness”, a week before what is arguably my favorite race of the year, and I fell. Not running. No. I hit the bottom of my foot on what will forever be known as SECRET HIDDEN FOOT HURTER (SHFH). I stepped on it, and said adult things, loudly. It swelled, I iced. It grew a large elbow like bump on the bottom of the ball of my foot (under the middle toes). I took advil.  It got a bit better the next day, I stepped on something sharp, and cut open the skin.

It’s not broken, after an exasperating exercise at what I’m sure is supposed to be an efficient way to run an office. Still a bit swollen, definitely causing limping. Oh, and the cut. Yeah, the cut.

The race is 4 days and a wake up away, and I haven’t run since the hottest race. (see previous entry, or outright refusal to buy capstone images of suffering, red faced me)


1. Run to see if I can, risking prolonging the injury, because I should train for races, yo.

2. Pretend it will heal by Sunday, race after a week of no running

3. Slap some mud on it, show up, monster through.


One thought on “tripping, x-raying, cutting

  1. anaginghipster says:

    I like the, “Slap some mud on it” option, but then again, that’s what I’ve done frequently and ended up out of the game for much longer than I’d like. Hope it heals up in time for your race!

    Oh, and saying adult things often soothes the injury. There’s research to back that up. 😉

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