wading, slipping, sliding

It all started innocently. C2 says “i have these spots, we could kick butt, we could be TMR muddy, it’s my birthday weekend”. Sure!

Fast forward to June 2, standing in the 90 degree Pineland Field Sun, up to my mid thigh in mud, with black knee socks on, my trail monster shirt, the smallest red shorts in the world, laughing hysterically, being part of the team.

It was a “challenge” not a “race”. There were 18 “obstacles” in 4ish miles. It wasn’t a run, it wasn’t a trail race, it wasn’t filled with elites, or specifically athletes. It was filled with a lot of women, and some men, mostly in strange costumes. 

We got to an aid station, and they were running out of cups. We had to wait in line at each obstacle. When we finished, there were still teams starting. It was *strange*.

A few things i’d like to note:

  • most of the “teams” were friends. our team was an actual team. that felt good.
  • the parts that were the hardest for others were the most fun, and comfortable for the TMR crew – through the middle of the stream, up the slippery bank, running over the roots and through the woods. 
  • It’s HARD to get over a 7 (might as well have been 30) foot tire without friends pulling and pushing
  • I have bruises. multiple bruises.
  • Real Runners don’t wear tutus, or have puffy paint names on the back of their shirts
  • All that being said, if it gets people moving that wouldn’t normally, I’m THRILLED that it exists.
  • Glad to have that experience. Won’t be looking for more of them.

June 2, 2013 Dynamic Dirt Challenge 1:18:36 (this time counts towards nothing, and will not be remembered, valued, counted for anything, ever – 19/48 teams)



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