winging, jumping, racing

In an effort to not get behind while I try to catch up (it makes sense to me), i’ll post my race report from the weekly back cove series week 1, and work my way back. (probably)

For reasons, I hadn’t run since TMR TNR, so 8 days later seemed like a good day to do my first (of 14!) weekly back cove races. The local running store puts these on for 14 weeks in a row. They are 5K, around the back cove, start at 6:00 pm.

Packed my stuff before work, knowing i was going to just change at work, do some things, get to the race, run, and then leave quickly to continue carpool extravaganza. 

It seems to foreign that I would just say “oh, i can fit in the 5k race between work, picking up groceries, having people over for dinner.” but that’s how it goes these days.

Race starts at 6, got there in plenty of time to pick up my bib, try the epicness of crossing the street to utilize the hannaford bathroom, and then catch up with some lovely ladies -Stephanie and Karen (MTC and TMR cross paths!).

Realized i didn’t have my watch, my garmin, my headband, my ipod.. whatever – I can wing it, it’s only 5K  (ha!)

JR said some things, including a Birthday Shout Out to Don, and we were off. Or rather, I was off, and Stephanie and Karen were behind me. (wait, what?) Karen finishes before me in the bradbury races, pace glove shod, so me in front of her was odd. 

It was humid, i kept running. no idea what my time was, kept wondering why I had lost those ladies, and why I seemed to feel fine, and yet kept passing people. I asked someone after a while if the mile markers we were passing were lining up with the race. He answered, out of breath. WTF? they were about a tenth off, so that was good, I knew how much farther I had to go. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, as the back cove is round, and one can see clearly. But cloud and fog cover made it seem we were running into the abyss.

Kept waiting for the wheels to fall off, but kept up at pace that felt hard and easy at the same time. Saw the 2.75, and said “oh, a half mile left” – right. math was not my strong point at that time.

Wished I had water to drink, jumped in every puddle, pushed towards the finish, and BAM. 5K PR – 30:10. 

I will break 30:00 this summer. My not so secret mission is to break 28:00. 

Maine Track Club Portland track training sessions start Monday. I’ll be there, ready to go faster.

Weekly Back Cove 5K week 1: 30:10


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