racing, spitting, navigating

Race Report, Presidio 10K, April 21, 2013 – Pre Race excitement and BRIDGE RUNNING

verb 3 first: Pro-tip: sometimes Siri is wrong. Sometimes your mom shouldn’t be the one using the GPS, sometimes, mason street and old mason street are actually quite far apart.

Thursday, i went for a mild 3.5 mile run around yosemite. Of course i got lost, of course I twisted my ankle. I have no idea of the actual mileage of my run, but I managed to not become the girl who loved tom gordon. Friday was a grand adventure  in driving. Saturday was a grand adventure in mom touching the Pacific for the first time, and then a mad dash to reached packet pick up. We got lost, a lot. Droid won, Siri lost. I made it to packet pick up with about 10 minutes to spare, and they didn’t have me registered! Problems sorted, questions answered, I wondered around Sports Basement for far too long, picked up my new favorite thing: orange blossum honey stingers, and a new pair of running capris.

Then we ended up in Haight Ashbury on Earth Day (4/20). Hum. Right. So had “Escape from New York” pizza with 10,000 stoners as my pre race meal, and lots of water.

Sunday: drove to the start, didn’t pay attention to where we parked (fine for the beginning of the story, ended up poorly)

I told mom that I would finished between 57 minutes and 1:10:00 and we would never discuss why such a large discrepency. This was my 2nd 10K, and my first one, I had someone awesomely pace me, so all bets were off.

Met up with RRCA California Rep George, wished I had shorts, took pics in front of the bridge, went to the bathroom 1,000 times, lined up, and we’re off.

ankle felt ok. the first mile had a hill, i went off to the side, ran up the dirt side of the road, got past a lot of the crowd. run run run. Turn, have some water, GET ON THE BRIDGE. Oh, it was a beautiful clear sunny day, filled with the bright orange of the bridge, and the blue water, and the bluer than blue sky. I was RUNNING OVER THE BRIDGE! I turned off the ipod, and soaked in the splendor. I turned to gleefully chat with the other runners. They may have been from SF, as RUNNING OVER THE BRIDGE didn’t seem as exciting to them.

I spit out over the bridge (it’s a thing – I’ve done into the Thames, Rhine, seine, Mississippi, liffey, Rhone, intercoastal waterway, ….) put my hand on the railing to feel the heat, and then got back down to business. At the end, we went down some stairs, had a water stop with a stinger, waited in the crowd to get back up the stairs, and back OVER THE BRIDGE.

Run felt great, hot but great. Pushing the speed, with 2.5 miles to go. another water stop, off the bridge, definitely going faster, passing people. See the mile 5 sign, bust into a “I’ve got this” pace. See the mile 6 sign, kick it up. Finish in 1:06 something. Negative split, my last 2 miles were my fastest– Drank and ate all the things – it was SO HOT.

spent the rest of the day (after a wonderfully cold shower) walking up all the hills in SF. (seriously). AWESOME!

Presidio 10K – 1:06:53 986/1524 over all 142/254 in my age group.


One thought on “racing, spitting, navigating

  1. unstrung says:

    yay on the PRs! well done! glad yosemite didn’t destroy the ankle. i miss you. can we run soon, for reals?

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