announcing, fretting

I went public! Like the highly anticipated day that facebook was going to go public, and everyone was waiting for it to either make gazillions of dollars, or go broke. Just like that. My little wordpress blog going public is exactly like a $40 bn company. 

No worries, I didn’t get married today, like my counterpart, mr. zuckerberg did on the day his little blog went public. 

I did have a banana muffin, which is close.

Will my writing style change now that people might see it? doubtful. I think the only difference will be my attention to capitalizing the i. I’m a total slacker on that front, and it’s just sloppy. Sloppy personal pronouns are the worst kind.

On to the 2nd verb. I’m going to try to run tonight – the first day my back isn’t screaming for me to have that nice man crack all the bones. 

Hills with the men of fast seems improbable, but I like the idea of trying to follow their tracks, and learning the water tower hill thing. Maybe we could work out a breadcrumb thing, and I could be Gretel (but you could still call me al). The mental image just shifted to the men of fast dropping pieces of food, and me, instead of following them to the hill of repeat, end up just walking through the woods, eating bread.


One thought on “announcing, fretting

  1. Sparkplug says:

    Love it, Chandra! And love the idea of you wandering through the woods, picking up breadcrumbs left by the boys and eating them. Ha!
    When we were hiking the AT, we always used to wonder – if we came across some lonely looking M&Ms or candy strewn along the trail, would we be hungry enough to actually reach down and pick them up and eat them? Depends on the day, but I’m guessing the answer would have been yes 🙂

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