Speeding, wondering, waiting

Short translation of today’s verbs: I did a speed workout (repeat 600s) yesterday.  Last night, and this morning, was wondering where the pain would show itself, and waiting for it to appear.

Funny, but the soreness of a workout doesn’t show up for me until 24 hours later.  I was looking for it all day (the niceness of a vacation day), and sure enough, right on time the quads indicated intense use.

The good kind of soreness that means I worked hard last night. unlike the bad kind of soreness that’s like “oh, you don’t remember the whiskey and fist fight”.  

The repeats felt great- hard, why did i go out so fast, i think i can do another (the only thought you have after 2 minutes of rest), etc…  Great run, good to run with a lot of people, thanks to the Maine Running Academy for letting me be a guest (a la Jerry from Law and Order).


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