Pausing, Marveling, Snowshoeing

Race Report # 2, The Bradbury White Out. February 10, 2013

t minus a week – and there was rain. And, like the itsy bitsy spider, it dried up all the snow. Great! I can run on trails. Faster (ha) than snowshoes – no problem. The white out won’t be white, but fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, (was he?).

t minus 2 days – THERE WILL BE SNOW. Meterologists predict the END OF THE WORLD. Snowmageddon. New England will be hit from this side with system of weather that has the words pressure and low and maybe high and el nino and swooping hand gestures in front of blue screens. The heavens will open up, things get cancelled, road races fall by the wayside. Snow shoeing trail monsters celebrate. The race director is cautiously optimistic.

And boy does it snow. The wind blows, the drifts pile. Bigger than the storm of 78? Who’s to say. Did I win the battle of getting more snow than my Dad (the only thing that matters in weather). YES.

Sunday morning – same deal i arrive in time, i remember my snowshoes. i even have a nice breakfast of eggs, spinach and a piece of toast. Domesticity in a trail monster shirt.

Strapped the snow shoes on on the side of Rt. 9. There was so much snow. kid in a candy store kind of snow.

Ditch a layer at the last minute, cozy up to Kate, and we’re off! Because of all the snow, the trail is narrow. Single track minded, passing means wading. I was 2nd in a group . Felt like a daisy chain. I heard them behind me. After a while I was done with them behind me. I stepped aside. Then it was Kate and I. And then, I felt stronger than the pace I was going. I passed Kate, ready to go it alone. Maybe I could catch someone?

Run Run, suck wind, keep the feet close. And then, THEN! (she says, as if getting to the point), THEN I turned to the right, and there was a BRIDGE. not under me, next to me. A Bridge!  I shouted to Kate in case she could hear me. There was so much snow, the trail went next to the bridge. ha.

Run, run, run. Smile for the picture – gosh this is fun. run run run. Don’t move your feet too wide apart, because they will catch in the huge sides of snow.

pause for math. I am 61 inches tall. my knees are 17 inches off the ground. 24 inches of snow, plus drifts – you’re picking up what i’m putting down.

Run, run, run, eat some snow, and then! THEN it was over! and I was 2/3 a snowshoe bad ass! i kept my snow shoes on, because I didn’t hate them, cheered in the peeps, had some soup, and off to the rest of Sunday!


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