running up that hill

last spring, when I was training for 10k that became a 5k, a wonderful person made for me, my very own training plan. the first such plan in existence, made just for me, with my schedule and goals in mind. it had thursdays as hill days. I live near a hill. for a month i stuck to the plan. I was an athlete IN TRAINING. on thursdays, because of that schedule, I i think of hills. when I laced up last night, i had no plan in mind. i ended up with hills.

last spring, the hill was ugly, and big and painful. last summer, the hill was hot – so so hot, and big and painful. last night, the hill was cold, and smaller, and fun. 

wait. a fun hill? so the cycle is this:

down the street, turn right, down hill 1. turn around, run up hill 1, take sharp left, run up hill 2. think in my head about how hard it is. want to stop. jump onto curb to avoid car driving too fast, wave fist at said car, reach top of hill, turn onto flat road, breathe heavily. realize i made it up hill, continue onto down hill area, pass the “go home turn”, decide I can do another loop, go down the street…..

i stopped after 3, dinner time, ears needed to defrost, breaking in new shoes. I should have done 5. maybe I’ll do a few tonight.

feel ok today, no soreness. nervous about the snow shoes, but at least i know my heart probably won’t explode.



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