Snowshoeing, Clarifying, Jostling

January 20 is the first of three snow shoe races I am currently registered for. The last time I snowshoed* was the last of the three races last year. The only time I’ve ever snowshoed* was the three races last year. I see a pattern. Clearly I should use the snowshoes, soon, frequently, and with abandon.

Plan hatched. 

Side note: as I put together the half marathon training plan, I contemplate using the services of one of the many RRCA certified coaches I know. Perfectly normal reaction. But then, I think: why don’t I just become a certified coach? Because that is clearly the reason I registered for my first half marathon. Not to run, but to think about how much I should run, and when. 

Clearly (a theme? mayhaps I retitle today’s verb? edit: done.)  my head is full of things today that are piling up, squishing themselves against each other in ways that are only freed up by a good jostling. A good jostling that comes from strapping things to my feet and huffing and puffing up a mountain. No wolves will be put out of work for this. I will huff and puff, and eat snow when I’m parched, and gu when I convince frozen fingers to squeeze the expresso goodness, and the pigs can remain sleeping (not in cages – For SHAME). 

*should be a word.


One thought on “Snowshoeing, Clarifying, Jostling

  1. unstrung says:

    snowshoe race! \o/ half marathons!!! \o/ sleeping pigs!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

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