Catching, Planning, Molting

Catching up today. Spending the day seeing where I left off, and doing the work things I would have done in that magical week between Christmas and New Years.

I find myself wanting to delete it all, and make secret and public plans for 2019, 2013, January, next week or even tonight’s run.

I had a pet lizard once. He lived in a 5 gallon Poland Springs bottle, and ate live crickets that we kept refrigerated in a  large margarine tub with holes in the top. He molted, ate it (yes, he consumed his own shed skin) and died. It was very strange and I try not to read too much into it.

The snow and sunshine beckon me to run through it, over it, hiding behind the piles, using it to cushion my inevitable falls.

Instead, I plan my half marathon training schedule in my head while I sort through electronic heaps of infographics, press releases and German out of office autoresponses.


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